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  • Jennifer Hudson at BET Awards -- Pays Off Prince Threat ... Look Away, Madonna (VIDEO)
  • BET did a lot of trash talking about Madonna's tribute to Prince ... and Jennifer Hudson had to back it up by performing that same song.
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  • The 2016 BET Awards: A Tribute Fit for a Prince
  • Like Adele's "Hello" music video, "Sledgehammer" was shot using Imax cameras. However, Rihanna's latest video -- which looks like a dark, visual mashup of Madonna's Nothing Really Matters with The Internet's Girl -- features a different, newer camera ...
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  • BET Awards Full of Prince Tributes and Political Moments
  • Madonna's "Vogue'' opened up a whole new wave of house-influenced dance music, but few tracks were as fresh as this 1992 hit which rocketed the gender-blurring drag performer onto the charts and into every corner of mainstream consciousness.
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  • Rihanna 'Sledgehammer' music video the first to debut in Imax theaters
  • Cofounded by Madonna, DanceOn produces high concept dance content with popular dancers and choreographers. The program's most recent video, set to the X Ambassador's “Unsteady,” dives into an encounter between two men, an interaction that proves ...
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  • Influential LGBTQ Music Videos You May Have Forgotten
  • Meanwhile, cultural commentator Bob Lefsetz wrote over the weekend that Famous, “cut from the same cloth as Madonna's Sex book”, just proves that video is bigger than ever. “That's the appeal, it'll bring so many looky-loos, but in this case you don't ...
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  • Male Dancers Explore Love & Loss In Emotional Video
  • Back in January, Manhattan-based agency Badger & Winters launched its “#WomenNotObjects” campaign, taking a stand against the long-running practice of sexual objectification in advertising.
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  • Kanye West's Famous video: is it art?
  • This story started when a video of Shakira went viral in which she is speaking on the set of her new music video “LaBicileta” in her home town in Columbia.
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  • When Kanye West And Vincent Desiderio Meet: Some Thoughts On The Recycling And Repurposing Of Images
  • JUAN CARLO/THE STAR Samara Smoker, of Simi Valley, walks down the aisle at Discovery Church in Simi Valley Friday during its "A Night to Remember," a dance party for the special needs community.
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  • Lena Dunham On Kanye's 'Famous' Video: 'It Makes Me Feel Sad & Unsafe'
  • For the seven male dancers - six gay and one straight - that made up Madonna's dance troupe, however, certain truths were still too shocking to reveal.
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  • Famous
  • Ethan Jacobs@EthanReedJacobs. Ethan Jacobs is a freelance culture writer living in Brooklyn. His writing appears in Stereogum, Noisey, and The Big Takeover, among other publications.
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