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  • Miley Cyrus' homelessness call-to-arms proves she's the next Madonna
  • It's hard to contest that “Wrecking Ball” - Miley Cyrus' music video in which she, nude, straddled the titular destruction implement - deserved the award it won from MTV last night, the VMA for video of the year. “Wrecking Ball” was, if not ...
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  • A Definitive Ranking of Every MTV Video Music Awards Ceremony
  • Madonna's lead single and title track off of her thirteenth album (only her eighth studio album) reached Number One on the U.K.
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  • From Madonna to Miley Cyrus: The most memorable VMA performances ever
  • ... video shoot and she made them tuna sandwiches. He also connected with other artists and bands at nightclubs throughout the city such as the now-shuttered Danceteria, where he shot and watched Madonna as she performed some of her earliest material.
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  • Beyoncé Gives the Performance of Her Career at the 2014 MTV Video Music ...
  • The planned book will be a much-overdue update to 1995's Encyclopedia Madonnica, which, for years, was the literary authority on all things Madonna, featuring exhaustive A to Z entries on all of the superstar's hit albums, videos, movies and tours, not ...
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  • Madonna's 'Music' Video Still Hot After 14 Years
  • If Madonna's looking for backup dancers, she needs to look no further than her own son! The music superstar took to Instagram Thursday to share a video of her son, David, showing off his skills in the dance studio. "#banda getting ready to audition for ...
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  • 'Years' of Beastie Boys, Madonna come alive in exhibit
  • ... of pop herself: Madonna. Australian model Nicole Trunfio posted a sexy black and white selfie to her 70,528 followers on Instagram on Wednesday.
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  • Gallery to Show Exclusive Photos of Famous Stars
  • But first, the video. Directed by the band's own Jordan Marecek and starring Kaiman Kazazian, "Am I a Nomad?" is heavy with symbols (the cross, the All-seeing Eye) outlined in flesh and shadow.
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  • Madonna Devotee Matthew Rettenmund Aims For 'Encyclopedia Madonnica ...
  • "I met Madonna because of her kids and then she invited me to a party. We ended up writing seven songs together. I do not usually feel pressured to write hits, but when it's an artist of this caliber, it's obvious that I want to push the boundaries a ...
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  • Madonna's 8-Year-Old Son David Has Serious Dance Moves!
  • Dans une vidéo, qui a fait surface sur YouTube et enregistrée en Toscane, en Italie, dimanche dernier, Clooney déclare devant un public: «Je t'aime et je suis impatient d'être ton mari.» De cette vidéo, nous retiendrons surtout le «Oh my God!» qu'une ...
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  • Nicole Trunfio channels Madonna is sexy black and white Instagram selfie
  • Once upon a time, in 1988, noted comic Sandra Bernhard appeared on Late Night With David Letterman and brought along a special friend who happened to be wearing a matching outfit to surprise him.
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  • Madonna. Video-clip: Deeper And Deeper

  • (High-Quality, VOB format, MV-Album: Telegenics Number 118D. Dance Plus. January 1993)
  • Madonna. Video-clip: Erotica

  • (High-Quality, VOB format, MV-Album: Telegenics Number 116D. Dance Plus. November 1992)
  • Madonna. Video-clip: Love Profusion

  • (High-Quality, VOB format, MV-Album: Rock America Videopool February 2004)
  • Britney Spears Feat. Madonna. Video-clip: Me Against The Music (Rockamerica Remix)

  • (High-Quality, VOB format, MV-Album: Rock America Videopool December 2003)
  • Madonna. Video-clip: Vogue (12 Inch Mix)

  • (High-Quality, VOB format, MV-Album: Telegenics Number 87D. Dance Plus. June 1990)
  • Madonna. Video-clip: Bedtime Story

  • (High-Quality, VOB format, MV-Album: ETV ET-VideoLink Nite Life 215 April 1995)

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